The "Randonnées du Pèlerin" meaning A Pilgrim's Hikes, is the crossing of a pilgrimage, a spiritual retreat and an outdoor activity.

By participating in one of our outings, you leave your daily decor, your comfort, your routine and the distractions of life.

Just like the pilgrims of the old days, take the strict necessary and start your path, a walk of discovery and renewal.

Everything is included: 

  • Food and beverages - The menu and meals are prepared for you, considering your dietary restrictions.

  • Lodging - Comfort is key, from a rustic cabin to a comfy inn.

  • Equipment  - All necessary material to ensure a safe and pleasant outing is provided.

  • Technical clothing - Are lent anything you need from our available inventory, at no cost.

  • Program - The itinerary and the content of the spiritual exercises and activities are designed around the theme to accompany you on your personal journey.

  • Professionalism - An accredited hiking guide and wilderness first aid volunteers at your service. 


Our staff being bilingual English and French, our program can be guided in one language or the other... or in true Canadian fashion: in both languages within the same activity. 

In our public Calendar ("Calendrier in the menu"), bilingual outings are specified. 

For custom groups, you choose the language!


Whether you are a sports team, a group of leaders, a Church committee, colleagues, friends and support group, we can organize a custom hike for your group. The one thing to have a in common: the desire to grow, individually and collectively, as we  explore a christian theme together during an outdoors activity. 

How this works:

You elect one person with whom we will work to plan the retreat. We establish together your goals, the duration, location, the difficulty level, and type of lodging. We provide you a cost estimate, and you find yourself with a turn key spiritual retreat specifically designed for your group!

Contact us for details!

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Our Team
Jonathan Rowley
Program director



Based on the theme of each hike, Jonathan designs, prepares and leads the spiritual content that punctuate the outing. He is an experienced hiker (The Way of St.-James, Appalachian Trail, Adirondacks, National Trail (QC), and he is certified into Wilderness First Aid. 

Danny Deslongchamps
Hiking Guide



Danny is your guide on the trail. He looks out for your safety and oversees the entire activity. He is an accredited hiking guide, member of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, and is a Wilderness First Responder. He also has a bachelor in Theology.  
Katie Guillemette
Communications and logistics


Katie organizes the administrative and practical aspects of our activities. From the application process, to material management, she also manages internal and external communications. She is an experienced hiker and certified into Wilderness First Aid.  

Other guide and volunteers join us occasionally.
Would you like to be part of the team? Contact us!

Our logo

The mountain represents perseverance in hardship. Step by step, the hiker approaches the summit, a place of rejoicing and contemplation.
Walking is a slow vehicle, which forces the pilgrim to slow down and think. If necessary, he takes refuge along the way. The path leads the steps of the pilgrim, whose journey is no less important than the destination.
The anchor is a symbol of hope: Christ being our anchor in a turbulent world. The anchor was one of the earliest symbols of the Christian faith, used in religious art as early as the end of the first century AD, until the symbol of the cross gradually replaced it 4th century.
The Chrism or Chi Rho (a superimposed X of a P) is a graphical representation of the first two letters of the name Christ in Greek; this symbol was popularized in the first centuries AD and has commonly been used in art and architecture throughout history, and still is today.